Andrea & John - Elkton Couples Session

They compliment each other in a way that couples often do when they've been together for years.  An almost unspoken understanding of each others needs.  

Andrea and John were so much fun during their couples session a few weeks ago.  Much like myself Andrea loves projects and was very excited when I pitched the idea of a styled shoot.  Although it was windy and chilly out that day we were able to get some beautiful images.  I recently asked Andrea a few questions that I wanted to share with you and below are her responses.  I thought they were perfect and says a lot about who they are as a couple.

Q:  Three words that best describe John?

A:  Patient. Funny. Energetic.  

Q:  What three things do you love the most about him? 

A: "Um, three things I love the most: His chivalry. His ability to show me how much he loves me, not just say it. The way he makes me laugh and the fact that we can do ANYTHING together and always have fun just being together..."