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If you've been following me for very long, you may already be aware of my love of Disney. It started in March of 2000 when I took my very first trip to Walt Disney World. Since then I've managed to get my family and a few friends hooked as well. Some people ask why I continue to go back every chance I get or they ask  "Isn't Disney World for kids?". 

Disney is absolutely not just for kids. There is so much more to WDW than characters and rides.  There are amazing restaurants to try, great shows to be seen, amazing fireworks every night, water parks, resorts to explore and so much more.  I've been numerous times now and every time I experience new things and there are still many things I've yet to try.  

WDW is a place where you can leave all your troubles behind and just be a kid again.  I love that when I get there I don't have to worry about anything except having fun and enjoying a vacation with my family or friends.  Everything from tickets, hotel and food is paid for before I get there so I don't even have to think about it. When you arrive you can park your car and not have to drive anywhere for the rest of the week. You just walk out and hop on a bus in front of your resort and you are off to whatever park you've chosen that day.  

I wanted to share some images from my most recent trip with my best friend last February. We had the best time and tried lots of new things while we were there. I'll be making a post with images from each park, but of course I had to start with my favorite- Magic Kingdom!

For those of you who may be planning your first trip or thinking of going in the future, I'll be writing a post with a few of my favorite tips and post a link here when it's finished!  Do you love Disney like I do?  Leave me a comment below and tell me about your favorite WDW memory!

Nothing makes me more excited than arriving at this sign!

One of my favorite things to do in the afternoon is to grab a fresh baked ice cream cookie sandwich from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and share it while sitting on the grass in the hub in front of the castle.  The parks can be so busy, I love to just sit and take it all in and relax for a bit. 

Splash Mountain has always been one of my favorite rides at WDW.  There is just something about it, a trip is not complete without riding it (multiple times when possible). If you have never ridden it at night give it a try, I love it! 

Some cannot appreciate the amazingness of It's A Small World, but I always insist on one ride every trip.  I mean it's a classic and yes I sing along and it gets stuck in my head for a good hour afterwards. 

I like to fancy myself a professional tea cup spinner.  You can't ride the tea cups and not spin them as fast as possible and I have that down to a science at this point.  One of my favorite memories is riding this with my little sister on her first trip. She laughed so hard and would say "spin it sissy, spin it".  Neither of us could walk straight when we climbed out of that cup.  MEMORIES! 

Out of all my trips this was my first time riding Dumbo! This girl is a kid at heart. 

We tried the new Be Our Guest restaurant for the first time and we both give it a big thumbs up!  There are different rooms to choose from once inside the castle and each one is pretty amazing.  We chose to sit by the window, when you look out it's dark and it really looks like there is snow falling.  We were there for lunch and I highly recommend the braised pork and the strawberry cupcake for desert.  We did try the grey stuff as well and it truly was delicious! 

Try the grey stuff it's delicious! 

I LOVE being in Magic Kingdom at night.  Everything is all lit up and the rides seem more fun and exciting in the dark.  I love to ride the People Mover in Tomorrowland especially.  It's a great place to relax for a bit and take in all the sights.  

You can't be a true Disney fan and not love the classics.  Carousel Of Progress is another must ride every trip. Walt Disney began working on this attraction in the late 1950's and it was first introduced at the 1964 World's Fair and was brought back again in 1964.  After a few years at Disney Land it was moved to Walt Disney World in 1975.  The song  "It's a great big beautiful tomorrow" is sure to get stuck in your head.