Jenny & Richard

My dear friend Jenny messaged me this past fall asking if I would shoot a surprise mini session for her.  Of course I was too excited to be a part of such an exciting and special moment. Richard had no idea what she was up to and it was fun to play along and see his reaction when she revealed the surprise.  Take a look at the photos below and witness the moment when he realizes that the signs they are holding reveal a life changing, epic message that will unite them together for life. It truly was the sweetest thing ever and brought tears to my eyes to see how happy they were. 

Congratulations my friend, I couldn't be happier for you both! 

He was goofing off in the background, he had no idea what was written on her sign. 

Wait.....what does that say? 

You and me and baby makes three, but little did they know at that time that it will actually be FOUR! Richard and Jenny are expecting TWINS!