John & Andrea - Elkton Family Session

My sweet friend Andrea has been honoring me with the pleasure of photographing her family for many years now.  This girl has listened to me vent about anxiety, stress and much more over the last two years but she still believed in me and my dream even when I was ready to give it up.  Thankfully I'm getting back to what I have loved since I was just a little kid with a 110 Kodak camera - photography! 

What can I say about these guys except that they are truly a one of a kind family.  They love like none other, fight like none other and laugh like none other. And I love every minute of it! From wrangling two dogs, missing children replaced with framed photographs and John.... well ....being John- it was a pleasure as always my friend. Be sure to check out the blooper (outtakes) at the end, you'll be glad you did :)

Bloopers sure to make you smile! 

So maybe John isn't the only one who likes to goof off ;) 


Sorry Shelby, they made me do it :) 

Best reflector holder EVER!